• Edmonton’s Innovation Ecosystem

    The innovation ecosystem is a collective of people, organizations and places that are deeply connected and networked in the pursuit of ideas that create economic opportunities.

    The Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem Community (EIEC) is committed to actively working together to create the best possible environment for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Collective. Collaboration.

Build the community

Whether you are a founder, student, corporate employee, professor or government employee the community benefits when a broad network of people and organizations come together.

Be a contributor

Help advance the innovation economy by sharing your experiences, providing constructive feedback and actionable solutions and sharing ideas with a diverse community of members.

Grow our innovation system

Connect with entrepreneurs, service providers, supporters and other ecosystem members to share new ideas on how we can work together to grow a sustainable startup community.

Get Involved

The Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem Community (EIEC) is working to expand the breadth and depth of the entrepreneur community in our city. Join us as we work together to improve access to mentors, increase connections with talent and attract investors to Edmonton.

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Get in touch and get involved in the Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem Community by attending an upcoming meeting, contributing to the innovation economy or connecting with other community members.

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Our community

The Original 50 are a group of entrepreneurs who experienced the full cycle of business growth.  This group took part in early engagement sessions with EEDC in late 2017.

The Startup 16 are community members who reached out to EEDC and City Council expressing a desire to be more active in ecosystem work.  A meeting between EEDC and the Startup 16 resulted in the conceptualization of the Innovation Advisory Council.

EACOS (Edmonton Advisory Council on Startups) is a diverse group of Edmonton leaders to represent the startup and scaleup community as a whole. They work together to provide leadership, perspective, and a voice for entrepreneurs that will contribute to informed decision making related to evolving the Edmonton innovation ecosystem.

Learn more about EACOS